Thursday, August 21, 2008

Of Table Tennis and Huffing

I was highly amused by the following article I came across today as I was attempting to find the end of the internet:
"Table Tennis Tempting Fate"
I will be the first to tell you that I get sucked up in the drama of the Olympics and find myself fascinated by all of the micro-stories that go along with the athletes and events, but this could be a bit much. From the title, table tennis is clearly the next extreme sport. You could easily die instantly from a number of dangerous twists of fate, one apparently being huffing too much glue. It was good that they got a quote from US player, Crystal Xi Huang, who I believe is a native Minnesotan or possibly Iowa, I can't quite tell from the name.

If you want to huff glue, maybe they should think about trying out for the US frisbee golf team or hacky sack squad. This rule could ruin professional table tennis as we know it, so please, be active and write your congressman today.......and be careful if your 'glueing' 10 times a day!

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