Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Lake Superior Launch

This weekend we traveled to the shores of Lake Superior in Duluth, Minnesota to celebrate the marriage of our friends Sean and Michelle. They had an awesome ceremony on the shoreline of lake as the sun set on and unbelievable gorgeous summer day. Weddings always have the potential for unpredictable fun and this celebration was certainly no different. After more than one refreshing adult beverage at the reception (aided by the speedy and timely service of our friends Eric and Eric behind the bar) we were ever so graciously carted to our hotel by my pregnant wife.

As the wife and baby headed to bed, the bar staff, Jesse and I hit the town. As we strolled into the nearest bar, after being vigorously carded and banded like an endangered raptor, we were rapidly reminded of our age at the raging Duluth club scene. While this was a nice establishment playing bumping tunes and filled with single underage drinkers, we graciously danced across the floor and out the door we came in. The rest of the night unfolded in a blur of beef sticks, wrestling in the street, the big Eric partially disrobing in a haste to acquire tickets to the New Kids on the Block concert and housing the bartenders on the very small porch of our hotel room.

The next morning we were all a little 'rusty' from the previous evening and Sean ever so graciously vowed to show us the true Duluth experience. So, we swam out into the depths of Lake Superior in Duluth Harbor to jump from the ruins of the ice house in settled in the harbor. The water is deep, and cold. The good news was that the water was warmer than the air temperature at 9 in the morning this particular day, but the bad news was that the water was st still only about 65 degrees at most. So as we got in the water it was strongly recommended by Sean's brother, to 'just go for it.' As myself and the Eric's tiptoed on gigantic, partially submerged slippery rocks we scampered to deep water and flopped graciously into the cold, cold water. As we swam frantically for the ice house it was difficult to catch my breath from the initial shock to the system. As I am shivering and hyperventilating I hand over hand the sketchy nylon strap that was likely tied to the ice house by Leif Erickson. Once on top, we sat shivering for about 5 minutes. Keep in mind, that one of the things I dislike most is jumping into unknown waters (regardless of how deep it is). I guess this is one of those personal phobias of the unknown that we all have about certain things. After a brief period of enjoying the sights and shivering enough to lose my balance on the 8 inch wide ledge, I rose to my feet. As my beautiful, bright white, middle aged, partially hair covered body towered above the harbor, I took my leap in to the icy waters as a good crowd of the wedding guest groggilly spectated our feat. After all, there was definitely no other way down off the ledge. I plunged in sync with the Eric's and we swam quickly to the shore.

It was an amazingly refreshing and exciting activity that I highly recommend. It certainly woke me up, and the company with which it was enjoyed made it all the better. Thanks for the memory Sean! Here is a video of some others jumping from the ice house that I found on youtube:

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