Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Estrogen Lab 3.0

Since my last post my family has grown by 1. It's another beautiful and healthy little girl. That brings the female to male ration in my casa to 3:1, not that I am counting. Children are amazing and beautiful miracles. However, I know live in a sea of estrogen. While "Mitch and the Ladies" would be a great 80's cover band name, there are some realities to the situation for me:
  • I know the name of most of the "My Little Ponies."
  • I attend more than one tea party per week......a number that will likely increase.
  • I know more about "Pinkalicious" and "Purplelicious" than the Minnesota Vikings starting quarterback.
  • My days of tearing the limbs and heads off Barbie dolls is likely over.....banning a REALLY bad day at work. However, if needed, I will have access to plenty of plastic doll mass killing opportunities.
  • I am responsible for the end of the Hoffman family name.
  • Knowing a little girl is a daddy's girl is pretty awesome.