Sunday, February 24, 2008

Day 5: The Oscars

Two things I hate: Being broken and awards shows. After an extremely busy day contemplating life, watching the Wild lose a hockey game and totally dominating my fantasy golf this weekend I have nothing to watch because the Ocsars are one for 7 hours........don't know, don't care, and am not concerned with who made the clothes you are wearing. Tiger Woods? Well, just be glad you weren't Stuart Cink today getting pimp slapped backwards and sideways for 29 holes today. The only good news for him was that he got beat so bad in match play that he could go to the bar 7 holes early.

In other news I am pretty excited about the week of blogging ahead. I think an entire week of house arrest should bring out some interesting thoughts and creative perspective. Saturday night I watched an awesome climbing video called Kinglines. Check out the clip. I know, that most of you don't care about climbing, but this is pretty killer even if your a fan of ball sports, or no sports at all. Thanks to Joe, Jevidon, Luke and Neumann for bringing the vids by for me to contemplate as my climbing abilities spiral into the darkness faster than a Dallas Cowboys playoff run.

Short and sweet today on the blog......I hear the sighs of relief.

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