Thursday, January 15, 2009

Cold as #$%@ !!!!!

It has now been multiple days since we have seen a temperature above zero, Fahrenheit that is. This morning was the coldest in five years at -21 and a windchill somewhere around -40, give or take a few degrees. The dog, whose name is now Miracle since turning 100 last month, had to be rescued from the deck this morning after about 45 seconds. She realized that you can't keep two of your paws out of the snow simultaneously and still walk. In her old age she clearly chose to keep the paws out of the snow versus make her way to the door.

It is cold, but worry not, the high will reach -9 today so it should be nice for a lunch outside or some grilling this evening. Here is a fun video from the local weather station of the meteorologist using various fruits and vegetables to pound in that's just good clean fun!

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