Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Need for Speed.........

Yesterday was a big day. I went for my first run since what is now known as "the incident." It was certainly weird getting on the treadmill and jogging the first few minutes, but it ended up feeling pretty good. I did manage to rocket along at a rapid 12:15 mile pace, at top speed. Don't be fooled though, I worked up to this speed slowly shifting through all the gears to get there. As the treadmill started to smoke at this high speed I was glanced over and chatted briefly with the sloth running on the treadmill next to me, he was going faster. From the quick math in my head I would be able to finish a marathon at that pace in about 4 days. I can't remember ever running so slow and feeling like I was going so fast. My friend, the Achilles, is a little sore today, but all in all I will call it a success. I have to do something to get this shrunken calf to grow. I am starting to feel like the kid that starts crying in gym class because he can't do a pull up. If nothing else, it sure feels good to start sweating out some of the invalidity that I have bestowed upon myself since surgery in February. If anyone is looking for a footrace to help boost your self esteem and confidence, you know where to find me. Or, if you great grandmother needs a pacer for her her next round of ultra marathon training, I can do that as well.

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