Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Water Closet Upgrade

First of all, my apologies to the Adventures of Mitch fans for the delay in my blogging. I hope I can provide some writing worthy of entertaining. The "adventures" have been a little slow lately. I have spent some time climbing outside at the local rocks, but those don't really warrant posting. So, I have spent my time pondering what I could do or concoct to post to the blog. This weekend, it finally happened!

I am a fix it up guy. I spend a lot of time and energy working on our home. Some days the results are little more than a lot of sawdust, a few crumpled beer cans and the cars stuck in the driveway because the garage is a workshop. Other days, the results are better and something actually gets accomplished. This weekend, something was definitely accomplished.

There are items in our daily lives we use everyday and a quality product can make their daily use very enjoyable. I am a big fan of this concept of quality everyday items. Good socks are one of my vices. I wear socks most days, and picking out a fine pair of socks for work or running and pulling them on my hooves is very enjoyable and starts the day our right. Other items I put in this category: Underwear (tho going without is heavenly), gloves, a good bed, showerheads and ........the throne.

Many of us enjoy the moments of porcelain solitude and bowel movement bliss. These moments are not about the destination, but the journey. Purchasing a new toilet can be overwhelming, exciting and sometimes eye opening. So when I decided to replace the throne I had a lot of research to do. Some nice features are the new chair height throne. The 16 inch high bowl makes sitting on the standard toilet feel like a pre school chair, and vomiting will be much easier on the neck. I do think the dog is having trouble drinking from the higher bowl, but that may be for the best. A person will need to choose between the round or elongated bowl. I went with elongated bowl for both comfort and contemporary fashion (I feel the total package). Then one must decide on the most important part....the engine. While many women are concerned with the color and style, men would prefer that florescent green toilet that sounds like a 747 when you pull the trigger. They actually have a toilet that claims to flush 1000 feet of toilet paper and another that can flush 24 golf balls! So, I am thinking:
A) If you use 1000 feet of toilet paper, you should probably think about sitting there a little longer
B) I hope those golf balls are not Titleist, as that would come out to between 40-100 dollars per flush. I will personally crawl into the sewer for that many balls.
C) If you are crapping golf balls, especially 24 at a time you should really reconsider your diet.

I did not go with GT 7000 or Powerflush ZX100 model, but rather a Kohler Cimarron, 1.6 gallons per flush, elongated, comfort height, white toilet with quick release and soft closing seat and lid. A fine product from the folks from Wisconsin. I will say the high seat, soft closing lid, and adequately powerful flushing sound and power has made the daily duty very enjoyable. I don't feel like I need a tattoo and wristbands when it's time for business, but I anxiously await any challenges I can send forth to the new rig.

I have chosen not to enclose an "action photo" to this post.

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